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• More this link opens in a new tab Unpaywall is a massive open database of more than 21 million free scholarly articles. The articles come from over 50,000 publishers and content repositories, and you can easily access them using the Unpaywall browser extension for Chrome. URL: • November • Premium Investing Newsletters • Mahou Rentabilibar advanced search: by author, subreddit...

5 • ^ Rubin, Rebecca (April 1, 2018). " 'Ready Player One' Impresses With $61.7 Million in China". Variety. Penske Business Media. Archived from the original on April 17, 2018 . Retrieved April 23, 2018. • Fatma Aliye Topuz February 5, 2019 • Functionality: Remember selected region and country • • H-H Stærfeldt • - dataisbeautiful “Despite the passage of time, I have not forgotten how prescient The Handmaid’s Tale was, and how prescient it felt. She described a future that didn’t seem so far-fetched. Living in America gives you a sense, sometimes, that the fundamentalist Christians, with their literalist readings of the Bible, would be capable of reading the story of an infertile woman who had her husband impregnate her handmaid and see that as a solution to infertility in the modern age. And Atwood not only gets the reading of the Bible correct, she also foresaw that we would wreck the planet at the level of reproduction, too. Sometimes, when another “crazy” thing comes to pass in American politics/culture, I find myself thinking that we’re moving closer to Atwood’s nightmare future. If you combine that prescience with Atwood’s deft handling of language – she really is a prose virtuosa – and you have the making of a classic.” Lorraine Berry American literature contains nothing else quite like Henry James’s amazing, labyrinthine and claustrophobic novel. • Boarding Houses Sport

L'auteur de l'article, John Bohannon, a négocié avec Sci-Hub (sans difficulté précise-t-il) de pouvoir analyser des données anonymisées de demande de consultation pour une période de 6 mois (de septembre 2015 à février 2016) pour répondre à des questions encore sans réponses : qui accède à la plateforme ? d'où ? et pour lire quoi ? Résultat : au moment de l'étude des dizaines de millions de contacts ont eu lieu en 6 mois avec environ 28 millions d'articles recherchés, dont plus de 2,6 millions demandés par des personnes de l'Iran, 3,4 millions en Inde et 4,4 millions en Chine. Des demandes ont émané de tous les continents sauf l'Antarctique et de presque tous les pays, pour tous les champs scientifiques et pour des articles récents, mais aussi anciens [18 ]. Jusqu'alors on ignorait qui consultait ces documents [18 ]. mejores DNS The conformity of the Filipino youths to the said stereotypes may be explained and analyzed in a few more additional ways, aside from the presence of the SIT, which include various factors such as their culture, upbringing, globalization, human identity and even the plain massive power of media at this age. • Your union We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause to your activities.

• 12 External links Kiera Cass Celeste • Controversial Topics • • File hosting services • War of the Worlds (2005) • Matthew H. Todd Were you surprised that Trump was elected? • Xataka México • sci-hub .im

• Junio 2017 • A group of Aunts, who may be Eyes • (Sweden) • Perfect Dark Вот теперь я ваш пример понял. Ví dụ, các bạn muốn lấy bài báo: “The seven sexes: A study in the sociology of a phenomenon, or the replication of experiments in physics” của HM Collins mà trang google scholar ở trên không có sẵn file download. Hãy copy tên bài báo và thả vào ô tìm kiếm rồi nhấn “Open”. Nếu bài báo này có trong cơ sở dữ liệu của nó, bạn sẽ nhận được hướng dẫn xác minh với giao diện bằng tiếng Nga. Sau khi gõ đúng Cap-cha để xác minh rồi nhấn nút “Продолжить” (tiếp tục) ở bên dưới, bài báo sẽ xuất hiện. Lúc này các bạn chỉ cần download về. Nếu bài báo không có sẵn, website sẽ hiện màn hình trắng và nói rằng bài báo không được tìm thấy bằng cả tiếng Nga và tiếng Anh ("статья не найдена в базе | article not found") literature that showed in their " Can't Hide Love" View photo · • February 2016 Moscow, RU She tries to feign passion. I am brazillian. • Philippine Literature during the Am... by Giancarlo Trani 28988 views Pictures The cost of donating credentials is often very high to the user; in a federated access environment, the password for access to resources will most probably also be that for access to personal and financial information. There is a clear data protection law breach risk if someone passes such information to a third party without permission, and as a recent Morrisons supermarket data protection case has shown, the employer ends up with the liability for a data protection breach initiated by an employee. ―Bustle The Progress of Love Unpaywall • Perdita Weeks as Karen "Kira" Underwood, Morrow's wife. [12] Developer Documentation → Powered by Ce mois ci, le tribunal de grande instance de Paris a donné raison aux éditeurs d’articles scientifiques Elsevier et Springer Nature en ordonnant aux fournisseurs d’accès à internet de bloquer l’accès à ces deux sites. Il sont, à mon sens, indispensables aux chercheurs et aux étudiants. Voici donc comment contourner les blocages mis en place par Orange, SFR, Bouygues, etc. • Een artikel waar een paar dingen aan rammelen: over kleuters en EDI Some of the sites are perfectly legit—such as domain services and email providers. Some—like whistleblowing—may face government censorship in your country. Others cross the divide into illegality. Make sure you’re smart about which dark web links you click on. 2. Facebook Plot [ edit ] Exercise 10 (linear regression) • Xataka • ^ "Academic Ranking of World Universities 2018 - Australia". Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. • DIY • ^ "Coalition of European Funders Announces "Plan S" to Require Full OA, Cap APCs, & Disallow Publication in Hybrid Journals". SPARC. 4 September 2018. P.S. Впредь, постараюсь выражать свои мысли более конкретно. Есть у меня такая привычка туманно выражаться. Иногда сам перечитываю и вижу, что изначальный смысл остался только у меня в голове. • ^ Kwon, Diana (20 February 2018). "Sci-Hub Loses Domains and Access to Some Web Services". The Scientist Magazine. Archived from the original on 22 November 2018 . Retrieved 23 October 2018. - Publishers Weekly • November 2017 • Indonesia's Richest Oh. I see they still have the discount, and the student union actually has their OWN (commercial) publishing house nowadays. • August 2016 100% Cornell University ( BS) Improving students’ conceptual understanding • Shareaza • Grey literature • Jacks Film centers on a young outcast named Wade Watts. In the near future, Watts escapes from his daily drudgery by logging onto an MMO game called 'The Oasis'. When the game's billionaire founder dies, he offers players his fortune as the prize in an Easter egg hunt within The Oasis. Watts gets in on the action then after five years finds himself facing off against corporate foes who will go to any lengths to get the money -- in both the real world and in The Oasis. A lawsuit isn't going to stop [Sci-Hub ], nor is there any obvious technical means. Everyone should be thinking about the fact that this is here to stay. Peter Suber, Harvard University • My love-hate of Sci-Hub $$ This book follows the life of Esperanza, a Mexican girl. The novel takes place over the period of one year. Esperanza moves into a new home on Mango Street. The house is much better than her old one. It is the first house her parents have ever owned – all their other houses have been rented. Esperanza is not very happy because she had been dreaming of a different home – a bigger one. Their new house is old and small. The house is located in a busy Latino area of Chicago. In the new home, Esperanza feels like she has no time to be alone. She promises herself that one day she will leave and have her own home. Up Board 12th Result 2019 Hindustan Live • Go to: • That Ofglen is part of a group of subversives • 76 comments • Cookie statement * Update GitHub issues link }, {}]; Refs #35 Educating the UK Below, w e reveal nine novels including William Golding’s Lord of the Flies and George Orwell’s Animal Farm to help improve your English… 1. The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame lovescihub Keep track of key dates and events as the year progresses and stay up-to-date with the latest information for current MGSE students. Read more Chevron-right Tes • Season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale finally prioritizes revolution over suffering The Power Of Positive Thinking Key Points • XDCC